Sunday, July 17, 2005

Police Corruption in Salman's Case

Salman Khan Tape was recorded in 2002. Then why were these Police Sleeping. There must be wide racket for Corruption under this thing so the tape was not disclosed in the public.

Police are Corrupted that is sure. I want to Give many many thanks to San-Sani TV Program in Star News channel. I Like these people very very much. They are Doing very right and i hope they will continue this work for our country.

The Major Reason for the late coming of Salmans Tape is -- POLICE CORRUPTION

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why Postal Office in India is Bad ?

Yesterday i went to Post 2 Letters in Post Office in Mumbai { Bhayander }.

I Fist got the tickets for which i wasted 10 minutes in ques for the Postal tickets. They I have to submit that letter to another counter. I standing in that Line for about 2 hours after my number came and the posted the letters. The Premises of the Post Office was soo small that i was feeeling that i was locked in a small cage. Those 2 hours were like 2 weeks for me.

This is Why the Post Service has became soo bad and this is making the courier service much more efficient.

I have seen many old people come there to invest their money in Post. But I think they should invest in some othr place beacuse the Indian Post Management is not that good.

I think the Government should run these Postal Service in systematic manner, and this proper management can attract the people to use Postal Service Efficiently, and thus the Government can earn lot of revenue from these Postal Service.

I don't Know why these things not work in Government Department, may be due to CORRUPTION EVERY WHERE..........

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Corruption Survey in India

Indians pay heavy bribes: Transparency survey

For those who believe that corruption in India is almost an industry, here’s proof. A survey conducted by Transparency International India (TII) says Indians paid bribes amounting to Rs 21,068 crore in the past year. And no one would have guessed it, but the biggest chunk of this money goes to schools till the Class XII level.

“The money was paid for either getting admission or certificates,” said Navin Sarangpani of the Centre for Media Studies (CMS), which carried out the study. The police (crime/traffic) were second in terms of collecting bribe money, accounting for Rs 3,899 crore.

This is not to say that schools are the most corrupt. That honour goes to the police who have been ranked the most corrupt according to a ‘corruption index’ prepared by the CMS. The reason schools receive the biggest chunk of bribe money is that “(the) proportion of citizens interacting with schools is much more than the police or municipalities,” said Sarangpani.

If you want to know more Please Click here

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Corruption List

To Find More about Corruption...... in INDIA

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Corruption Cost India

Indians paid more than ?2.7 billion (US$4.8 billion) in bribes last year to receive public services, a study said on Friday, highlighting the systematic graft afflicting the country's fast-growing economy.

A report by the Center for Media Studies and backed by Transparency International, a global corruption watchdog, showed that corruption had become the rule and not the exception in India.

Of the 14,000 people interviewed in 20 states, more than 80 percent had paid a bribe to the police. A quarter had done so in government hospitals. In schools, ?500 million had been paid to get "admissions or certificates." The total value of "petty corruption" recorded in 11 government departments was ?2.7 billion.

"What we tried to highlight is the failure of the system for the common person in India," said K.R. Dharmadhikary of Transparency International.

"That you have to pay bribes to get the services that should be provided for you, such as electricity or water connections, is wrong," he added.

He said the total figure for corruption in India could be much higher as government funds which are stolen and the money used to bribe officials for contracts were not included.

The study also showed big regional variations. States such as Kerala and Himachal Pradesh, both with high literacy rates, were ranked as least corrupt. Bihar, where 35 million people live below the poverty line, was at the bottom of the list.

Political scientists said the problem of graft had worsened because of the emergence of "mafia politicians." Criminal elements make up a larger part of state assemblies than previously, particularly in northern India, where parties auction candidacies to the highest bidder.

"In a competition to get elected, you need muscle and money to win and then you need to find ways to pay back your election expenses," said Samuel Paul, director of the Public Affairs Center in Bangalore. "Just for a local assembly seat you can pay 130,000 pounds. One way of recouping such costs is petty corruption."

But the report said there were signs that the Indian establishment had woken up to the blight of bribery.

A number of anti-corruption groups have been using state right to information acts to scrutinize public projects for evidence of kickbacks or bribes.

You can find more in here

Saturday, June 18, 2005




Registrar taking undue Advantage of his position

Our Client went to register a document. The Document was of very high price of Rs. 2 crore approximately. The Document was very clear and legal, every thing was perfect like stamp duty etc.

When the party came for registration, the registrar denied to register the document just for the same reson " $ EXTRA MONEY $ " The Registrar wanted money soo they harrased the party and keep them waiting, after all our client was very Busy person and he paid that DOG Rs. 40,000/-

Corruption in Registration Office is Up to the Limit Please Some Body should do something to stop these Corruption......

Monday, June 06, 2005

Client's Bike Lost

Our Client and our office staff went to Collector Office day before yesterday. The Work for which they went there was not completed because of the same reason { They want Bribe } to get the work done. We did not pay him the amount and our work was not done. After wards when we came down we found the Bike has been Robbed, bike was not theer in parking area. After sometime we went to Police Guard. Instead of searching the bike or giving us advice what should be done now. He said " Bike's Gone very good, Hope more bikes get robbed from here"

I felt like these Police People do nothing and just trouble the innocent people, thats their work. After that we went to Police Station and Reported NC in Police Station soon the message was transferred by wireless to all over.

But still I Know nothing will happen and we have to accept it that our Bike is Gone....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

L K Advani - Divide and Rule

L K Advani -- Prime Funda.


This man Creates tension between hindus and muslim community and makes his good position during Election.

L. K. Advani should be kicked from the Indian Parliament.

Lalu Prasad Yadav Indian Corruption Leader

I Don't Know why this man is Kept in Indian Parliament.

This man is very much corrupted. He was caught red handed while doing corruption. He has done a Corruption of more than 1000 Crores. Still this man is kept out side the jail infact he the Railway Minister. Now he has Golden Egg in his hand and i am sure is this man will surely make corrption and no one will do anything to him, because the whole Stream is Corruption this why India is Lacking Behind in Progress.

To More About this Activites Go here - Lalu Prasad Yadav Tracker

Corruption in Registration Office

Registration Office, The Flat, Land Etc. Agreements are registered in the REgistration Office.

The Procedure to register any document is very lengthy.
1) To Get the Market Value of that place where the Land and Flat is Situated.
2) The According to Market Value or Agreement Value which is more, we have to pay Stamp Duty in the Bank. About 2 months before the Franking Machine which is used to stamp the agreement was only in registration office and it was not given in private banks or other banks. So this People who work in that Stamping Department used to get undue advantage and demand money from us like Rs 50 - 100 per document. Now these Stamping Machine is also given in private banks and they take a nominal fee of Rs 10 that to a with good service.
3) After Franking we have show documnet to regisrtrar and he will give a registration fee challan which we have to pay in bank.
4) Then on take a Token No. for registration for the nexy day.
5) Now At Last after our number comes our document is registered if proper papers are filed.

These Corrupted Registrars charge Rs 250 per registration if we have the token number. And Rs 500 if we do not have token number, these sluts have fixed their rates 250 - 500. These Thing Sucks, Even the whole registration process is computer operated these people do corruption. And people have to pay these money otherwise they will harrass you and say that your documents are not proper or other reason and make our time waste. So every one just give these 250 bucks to these people to get their things done.

People can't help it. CBI should take strict action on these........